Shaun Gurton's stunning set for THE RAGE OF ACHILLES. Image by Lynkushka.

Stork Theatre’s little MELBOURNE HOMER FEST goes live. February 2017.

THE PLAY:  our Australian premiere of THE RAGE OF ACHILLES, an adaptation of The Iliad, starring Humphrey Bower
THE TALK: Melbourne’s leading culture critic and public intellectual, Peter Craven, waxing lyrical on Homer’s central place in our literary pantheon
THE MUSIC: sound artist Ros Bandt’s aural glimpses of her soundscape techniques mirroring the ancient aeolian lyre
HOMER FOR KIDS: a delightful day of Homer stories read aloud for children at Readings Bookstore
HOMER LITERARY TOUR: our second tour following Odysseus’ footsteps across Greece still to come…

“Why does Homer matter?
Because he tells us how we became who we are…”
Adam Nicholson, The Mighty Dead

Our little fest is part of this world-wide resurgence of interest in our foundation epics THE ILIAD and THE ODYSSEY and an evolution of
Stork Theatre’s 15-year delight in staging Homer for Melbourne audiences.

Stork Theatre joins the global clarion call for us to create a fresh connection with our foundation stories. So that we can all, again, understand why Homer matters.

Since 2000 all Stork Theatre seasons featured performance readings of The Iliad and The Odyssey, with Melbourne’s leading actors. 

Our DIGGING HOMER literary excavations, starring Dr Heather Sebo, were sell-outs throughout 2014-2016.

In a world-first, our inaugural HOMER LITERARY TOUR in 2016 saw 20 intrepid travellers following Odysseus’ footsteps across Turkey and Greece. The brainchild of Stork Theatre, presented by ASA Travel and led by Dr Sebo, these tours are now biannual.


For Stork Theatre’s 30 year love story in staging the greatest literary works of the West: see STORK THEATRE

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